Revenue streams

The company treasury will get revenue from the following activities/games
  1. 1.
    AvatarLife NFT: We will launch our NFTs to enable our community and our players to participate in the value creation process. Our NFT holders will get exclusive access in our gaming parlors (high rollers) as well as opportunity to earn passive income.
  2. 2.
    Gaming sessions: The treasury will be used to collect player bets and give player rewards. A percentage (>15%) of this treasury revenue will be distributed among our NFT holders.
The valuation of our company grows as more and more players play our games. This will also increase our brand recognition and will help us secure more partnerships. This will in turn enable us to scale faster and open more gaming parlors across multiple platforms.
We believe in taking our community with us and hence, offer multiple earning opportunities to all our supporters and stakeholders
Our stakeholders
Revenue source
Play skill-based games inside our gaming arenas to win and earn money
Join our game development community and give us feedback on our games to earn tokens
Become an arena manager and help other users who visit our center
NFT Holders
Invest in our exclusive games and operate them on your land
Play our games and get additional rewards and cashbacks
Get a share of monthly profits from the company's treasury