Gaming parlor

Games are just the beginning - AvatarLife arenas are about more. While Games will be the key in our gaming parlor, we will also have other cool stuff like joke machines, quiz machines, etc.
We have tried to align the concept of our arenas, our games and our brand - Simple and Open. We are so excited to showcase it to everyone as we head towards launching our own brand.
All of this aside, the most important thing for us is our players and our community. We will build in public and will be constantly looking for employees / volunteers to support us on this journey. We will share our learnings and the value we create with everyone who join us on this journey.
EVENTS AND CONTESTS In addition to games, we will also conduct some events and contests in our arena from time to time
  • Treasure hunt
  • Speed dating
  • Game tournaments
These will be community led events with technical support provided by us.